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WinUtilities Pro

Best Selling PC Optimization Software
Over 50,000,000 downloads worldwide

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Dr. Folder

Customize Desktop & Windows Folder Icon and Color with 1 Click

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Gmail Extractor

Extract email addresses, Phone numbers or Zip codes from Gmail folders

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All In One Web Extractor

Powerful and easy-to-use application which helps you automatically extract specific information from web pages

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YL Email Address Extractor

Extract email addresses from Outlook & AOL Mail folders and build your own mailing list

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How does WinUtilities clean up computer?

Computer cleanup is the one thing you can do every day that will keep you flush with disk space and help you free up valuable system resources. WinUtilities is the best solution to clean up PC. WinUtilities offers you the best utilities to clean junk files, clean registry, clean temporary files, clean unwanted applications, clean unwanted startup items, clean online activity tracks, erase internet browser history and clean error producting duplicate files. It even contains a 1-click maintenance feature that allows you do all these tasks with a single click.


Powerful Disk Cleaner

Removes junk files from your disk drives and recovers disk space

Disk Cleaner Tutorial

Powerful Registry Cleaner

Cleans and repairs invalid registry entries and errors

Registry Cleaner Tutorial

Shortcuts Fixer

Cleans the errors and invalid shortcuts in your start menu & desktop

Shortcuts Fixer Tutorial

Powerful Uninstall Manager

Uninstalls programs completely that you don't need any more

Uninstall Manager Tutorial

Powerful Startup Cleaner

Manages programs which run automatically on startup. Cleans unwanted startup items.

Startup Cleaner Tutorial

Powerful History Cleaner

Cleans online activity tracks and protects your online privacy. This feature also supports to clean up buffers and history of all major browsers.

History Cleaner Tutorial

Powerful Duplicate File Finder

Searches for space-wasting and error producting duplicate files

Duplicate File Cleaner Tutorial

Powerful Disk Analysis Tool

Shows your files and folders disk space usage. Cleans unused big files or videos.

Disk Analyzer Tutorial

Speed Up and Clean Up Your PC with this awards winning solution!

How does WinUtilities speed up computer?

If you want to speed up your PC the easy way, WinUtilities is a great tool to get the job done easily. WinUtilities offers you the best utilities to defrag disk drives, defrag registry, optimize memory management and optimize system processes.


Powerful Registry Defrag

Defragments and optimizes the Windows registry

Registry Defrag Tutorial

Powerful Disk Defrag

Defragments disk drive to improve your system's performance

Disk Defrag Tutorial

Powerful Memory Optimizer

Monitors and optimzes free memory in the background

Memory Optimizer Tutorial

Process Security Tool

Monitors running processes and clean up unused processes in background

Process Security Tool Tutorial

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