Are there any tools available to help manage the registry?

Yes, there are a variety of tools available to help manage the Windows registry. These tools can help users view, edit, and delete key values and entries, as well as create or restore backups of the Windows registry. Below is a list of some of the most popular registry management tools available:

1. RegEdit: RegEdit is a built-in Windows tool for editing the registry. It is present in all versions of Windows from Windows 98 onward. It allows users to import, export, delete, and add keys and values, as well as search and navigate the registry.

2. CCleaner: CCleaner is a popular PC cleaning utility that also includes a registry cleaner. The registry cleaner will scan the registry for errors and issues and clean them up, as well as allow users to view and edit registry entries.

3. RegShot: RegShot is a free registry manager that can take snapshots of the registry before and after a change is made and allow users to compare the two. This is great for figuring out which changes have been made and undoing any unwanted changes.

4. WinRegClean: WinRegClean is a paid registry cleaner that also provides tools for consolidating and optimizing the registry, as well as providing detailed reports about the registry.

5. ERUNT: ERUNT is a registry backup and restore utility that allows users to backup the registry and restore it in case of an issue or problem. It can also be used to transfer the registry to another computer.

6. RegScanner: RegScanner is a free utility that can be used to scan the registry for specific strings and values, as well as view and edit them.

7. RegSeeker: RegSeeker is a paid registry editor and cleaner that offers features such as a Startup Manager, uninstall manager, and support for custom tweaks. It also offers detailed information about the various components of the registry.