Can I schedule scans with Windows Defender?

Yes, you can schedule scans with Windows Defender. Scheduled scans allow you to set a specific day, time, and frequency for regular scans to take place. This is especially useful for users who don’t want to manually check for updates and scan their device as often as recommended.

To schedule scans with Windows Defender, open the Windows Security app by typing ‘Windows Security’ into the Search bar at the bottom of the screen. On the left-hand side, select ‘Virus & threat protection’ under the ‘Protection areas’ section. Under ‘Virus & threat protection settings’, select ‘Schedule scans’.

From here, you can configure the type of scan, frequency, day, and time of the scan. Depending on your system, you have the option to choose between a quick scan, full scan, or custom scan, though note that a full scan may take up to several hours. For frequency, you can choose between daily, weekly, or monthly scans. You can specify the day and time of the scan, as well as enable or disable automatic scanning in the case of an idle system.

Once you have selected the type and frequency of scan, you can click ‘Save’ and the scan will be scheduled. In some cases, you may also be prompted to accept additional terms and conditions before the scan can be scheduled.

Scheduled scans are one of the best ways to make sure your device remains secure from malicious software and other threats. With routine scans, you can rest easy knowing that your device is being checked for any issues and that necessary updates are being applied in order to keep your device safe and secure.