Does Windows Defender check for suspicious browser activity?

Windows Defender does not directly check for suspicious browser activity, however it indirectly does. Windows Defender is a powerful anti-malware and virus protection suite designed to protect a user’s system and data from malicious software, as well as threats related to phishing, scamming, and other malicious activities.

In terms of web browsing, Windows Defender works in the background to protect a user against malicious files, downloads, and websites. Before visiting a website, Windows Defender will scan it for viruses and malicious code, and alert the user if the site is considered dangerous or unsecure.

In addition, depending on the settings the user has enabled, Windows Defender can also monitor a user’s network activity and block any suspicious traffic. This includes blocking outbound connections that could potentially be used for malicious purposes. Windows Defender can also detect and block malicious programs attempting to compromise the system, such as keyloggers, spyware, and rootkits.

Though Windows Defender doesn’t actively monitor a user’s browser activity, the combination of its various protections offers the user a high level of security while browsing the internet. For example, Windows Defender can prevent malicious files from downloading onto a user’s computer, as well as blocking malicious websites. In addition, Windows Defender can also help detect and block attempted phishing scams, where a malicious actor attempts to trick the user into providing sensitive information such as login credentials and credit card numbers.

For more protection while browsing, users can enable additional features within Windows Defender such as “Exploit Protection”, which blocks malicious scripts and programs from running on the user’s computer. The “SmartScreen Filter” feature can also be enabled, and it helps detect and block malicious websites, downloads, and phishing attempts. Finally, users can enable the “Controlled Folder Access” feature, which helps protect data from being modified or deleted by malicious programs.

When combined, all of these features offered by Windows Defender provide users with a comprehensive defense against malicious actors, including those attempting to access a user’s data through browser activity.