Does Windows Defender have any additional features?

Yes, Windows Defender has additional features beyond basic virus and malware protection.

Windows Defender SmartScreen:
SmartScreen helps protect users from malicious websites and downloads by warning them when they attempt to access potentially suspicious sites or download content that could be dangerous. It also monitors and reports on malicious activity in Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer.

Browser Protection:
Windows Defender Browser Protection is a browser extension that helps protect users while they are browsing the web. It blocks malicious web pages and warns users of unsafe files that might be downloaded from the internet.

Network Inspection System:
The Network Inspection System (NIS) is part of the Windows Defender Security Suite. It is designed to detect network-level attacks and help protect users from them. NIS can detect and block malicious traffic, such as phishing attempts and denial-of-service attacks.

Microsoft Active Protection Service (MAPS):
MAPS is a cloud-based service that provides real-time protection against malicious threats. It can detect and report malicious activities on a user’s system in order to protect them from potential threats.

Ransomware Protection:
This feature helps protect users from ransomware attacks by creating backups of user’s data and monitoring and blocking suspicious activities. It also provides notifications when it detects any unusual activity.

Exploit Protection:
Exploit Protection helps users protect themselves from exploits and malware by blocking malicious activities and exploits, including buffer overflows and control flow hijacking. It can also detect and block malicious websites and downloads.

Device Guard:
Device Guard is designed to ensure that only trusted applications are allowed to run on a user’s system. It can block malicious executables and scripts and can also monitor system processes and services for suspicious activities.

Application Guard:
Application Guard helps to protect users from malicious websites and downloads by isolating the browser session from the operating system. It can also detect and block malicious activities and scripts.

Controlled Folder Access:
Controlled Folder Access protects important files from unauthorized changes or access. It can detect suspicious activities, such as attempts to modify or delete files, and can block them.

Microsoft Family Safety:
This feature helps families stay safe online by providing powerful web filtering, activity monitoring, and app control. It also includes helpful tips and guidance for parents on how to keep their children safe while they are online.

Microsoft Passport:
Microsoft Passport is a security feature that helps users keep their accounts safe and secure by utilizing two-factor authentication (2FA). It requires users to enter a one-time code, generated by a device like a smartphone, in order to verify their identity. This ensures that accounts are not easily accessed by others.

Malware Removal Tool:
The Windows Defender malware removal tool is designed to detect and remove malicious software from a user’s system. It can detect viruses, rootkits, and other forms of malware and is an effective way to keep a system clean and secure.