Does Windows Defender help protect against phishing?

Yes, Windows Defender does help protect against phishing. Phishing is a form of cybercrime that uses deceptive emails or websites in an attempt to trick unsuspecting victims into providing personal or financial information. This information can then be used for malicious purposes such as identity theft. Windows Defender provides a range of built-in features to help protect users against phishing attempts.

One of the main features of Windows Defender is its Anti-Phishing protection. This feature is designed to detect and block malicious links, files, and websites associated with phishing attempts. The Anti-Phishing protection will scan emails, webpages, and downloads for potential threats and alert users if it detects anything suspicious.

Windows Defender also provides real-time protection against malicious websites. This feature constantly monitors web browsing activity and will alert users if they visit a phishing website. Not only will this feature alert users to potential risks, it will also block malicious content and prevent users from visiting dangerous websites.

On top of this, Windows Defender also includes Automatic Scans. Automatic Scans scan emails and downloads for malicious content and will alert users if any malicious activity is detected. For added protection, the Automatic Scans feature can be set to scan all emails and downloads on a regular basis.

For those who are extra cautious, Windows Defender also provides a Phishing Protection Tool. This tool is designed to help users identify and report suspicious emails or webpages. The tool will analyse webpages and emails for indicators of a phishing attempt and inform users if any suspicious activity is detected. Windows Defender will then provide advice on how to stay safe when dealing with potential phishing websites. This feature is invaluable to anyone who regularly deals with sensitive information online.

Finally, Windows Defender provides users with explicit control over which websites they can access. Users can create an exceptions list which will allow them to block certain types of websites and protect themselves from potential phishing attempts.

Overall, Windows Defender is a useful tool for protecting users against phishing attempts. The Anti-Phishing protection, real-time protection against malicious websites, Automatic Scans and Phishing Protection Tool all help to keep users safe online and make it harder for cybercriminals to target them.