Free API for Stock Quotes and Currency Exchange Rate

YL Robots provides A free exchange rate and stock quotes API, which allows you to query stock prices in A-share market, Hong Kong stock market and US stock market in real time, as well as exchange rate data. The following is a detailed description of the API:

Free API for Stock Price:


Return Example:

{"code":"200","status":"OK","time":"2021-12-15 03:22:59","value":"10.00"}

For example:

Free API for Exchange Rate:

API:<usd_to_hkd or usd_to_cny>

Return Example:

{"code":"200","status":"OK","time":"2021-12-15 03:35:51","value":"7.8009"}

For example:

Returns the Hong Kong dollar to US dollar exchange rate:

Returns the CNY to US dollar exchange rate: