How can I access the task manager to view running processes?

The Task Manager is a system monitor program that can be used to monitor and control the processes and programs running on a computer. It allows users to view and manage the processes and programs running on the computer and to end any that are not behaving properly.

Task Manager is included with all versions of Windows. To open it, open the Start Menu by pressing the Windows key on the keyboard or clicking the icon in the lower left corner of the taskbar, and type “Task Manager” into the search box. Then, click on the result to open the program.

Once the Task Manager window is open, you’ll see a list of all the processes, programs, and services running on your computer. You can view details about each process such as the name of the program, the memory and CPU usage, the user who is running it, and which services are associated with it.

You can also use the Task Manager to terminate any processes and programs that are not behaving properly or that you no longer need. To do this, click on the process or program you want to end, and then click the “End Process” or “End Program” button.

In addition to viewing and managing the processes and programs running on your computer, the Task Manager also provides detailed performance data about your PC. The Performance tab shows an overview of the memory, processor, and network usage, and you can click on the individual components to view more detailed information. For example, clicking on the Memory category will show a graph of current memory usage, and clicking on the Processes tab will show a list of all the processes currently running.

The Task Manager also includes a Startup tab, which can be used to enable or disable programs that run when the computer starts up. This can be useful for preventing certain programs or services from automatically launching every time you turn on your computer.

Finally, the Task Manager also has several other tabs that provide information and tools for managing further aspects of your computer such as Services, Users, Details, App History, and Networking.

By using the Task Manager, you can easily view and manage the processes, programs, and services running on your computer. This can help to diagnose any issues with your computer and to quickly end any processes or programs that are causing problems.