How can I adjust settings for optimal scanning performance?

1. Ensure the document or image you want to scan is well positioned on the scanner bed.

2. Turn off any back lights near the scanner to reduce reflection.
3. Adjust the resolution of the scanner, depending on the type of material you are scanning. Try 300-600 dpi for black and white documents, and 600-1200 dpi for color documents.
4. Increase image sharpness to bring out details in the scanned material.
5. Reduce the paper’s contrast to eliminate any white spaces on the border of the scanned image.
6. Make sure that the brightness is set to the recommended level for best results (lighten or darken depending on the material).
7. Activate the de-skew feature to automatically straighten tilted images.
8. Activate the thresholding function to produce black & white scans of documents with text.
9. Use the advanced settings in the program to fine-tune the scan quality.
10. Scan multiple pages at one time to reduce time and effort.