How can I change my display settings on the control panel?

To change your display settings on the control panel, follow these steps:

1. Open the Control Panel. To do this, click on the Start icon and then select Control Panel from the list of options.

2. Select the appearance and personalization linked to the display settings. The following window will appear showing all the options related to the display.

3. Choose the resolution tab from the top menu and click on it.

4. From the available options, select the resolution which suits your comfort level. You can check the effects of the resolution by previewing the changes.

5. Click on the “Advanced Settings” button for more options related to the current display settings.

6. You can now customize the display settings according to your need. You can change the refresh rate, color palette, and other settings.

7. After making the necessary changes, click on the Apply button followed by the Okay button. After this, your display settings will be changed and reflected on the screen.

8. Once you have saved the changes, you can exit the control panel and get back to your work.

9. These changes will remain in place until you decide to make modifications manually or revert the changes back.

These steps should provide you with a basic understanding of how to change the display settings in the control panel. It’s important to experiment with the different options to find the best settings for your needs. Remember to always save any changes you make before exiting the control panel.