How can I configure my Power Options in the Control Panel?

1. Open the Control Panel by selecting Start, then Settings and then Control Panel.

2. Select Power Options.

3. Select Change plan settings next to the active power plan.

4. In the Edit Plan Settings window, select Change advanced power settings.

5. In the Advanced settings tab, select the desired power option and configure its settings. For example, to configure the display settings, select “Display” in the list of settings and configure the settings regarding screen brightness, sleep mode, etc.

6. If needed, you can also view additional power settings and configure them as needed.

7. Click Apply, then OK to save your changes.

8. To create a new power plan, select Create a power plan from the Power Options window.

9. Select the settings for the new power plan, such as Balanced or Power saver.

10. You can then customize the settings for the plan – such as display brightness, sleep settings, etc.

11. You can also configure the settings for when the computer is running on battery power.

12. Once you have configured the settings for the plan, click Create.

13. Your new power plan should now appear in the Select a power plan list.

14. You can also set the active power plan by selecting it in the Select a power plan list.

15. Finally, you can also configure additional settings such as Wake Timers, Cooling Policy and High Performance Settings.