How can I delete a folder from my computer?

1. Open File Explorer

2. Locate the folder or folders you’d like to delete on your computer
3. Select the folder or folders you’d like to delete by clicking on them once
4. Press the “Delete” key on your keyboard or right-click on the folder and select “Delete”
5. In some cases, Windows may prompt you to confirm that you want to delete the selected folder(s). If so, click on the “Yes” button
6. The folder(s) should now be deleted from your computer
7. If you’d like to check if the folder was deleted, you can open File Explorer again and search for the folder. If it doesn’t show up in the search results, then it has been successfully deleted

Alternatively, if you want to delete a folder and all its contents, you can use the “Shift + Delete” key combination. This will bypass the Recycle Bin and permanently delete the folder and all of its contents from your computer.

You should use caution when deleting files or folders from your computer as they cannot be recovered once they are deleted. It is a good idea to back up any important data before deleting or removing files or folders from your computer.

In addition, some folders may be located in “protected” locations on your computer that require an administrator account in order to delete them. You’ll need to have an administrator account to delete these folders.

Finally, if you’re having difficulty deleting a folder from your computer, you may need to take additional steps. For example, if the folder is being used by another program, you’ll need to close the program before you can delete the folder. Additionally, files or folders that are locked or in use by Windows may require special tools such as the Unlocker program to delete them.