How can I get started with cryptocurrency?

1. Educate Yourself: Before jumping into cryptocurrency, you should read up on the fundamentals and the history of crypto. To help get started, here are some resources we recommend:

– Crypto Primer (

– Crypto 101 (

– 101 on How to Trade Cryptocurrency (

2. Choose Your Exchange: Once you have a basic understanding of cryptocurrency and how it works, you can start researching exchanges. Many exchanges offer services for buying and selling cryptocurrencies, so look for one that fits your needs.

3. Open Your Wallet: Opening a digital wallet is the next step in beginning your journey with cryptocurrency. There are many different types of wallets available, each with varying levels of security and features. Make sure to choose a wallet that allows you to store the type of cryptocurrency you’re interested in investing in.

4. Acquire Your Cryptocurrency: Now that you’ve got your wallet setup, you can begin acquiring your cryptocurrency. Most exchanges have a buy/sell area where you can purchase cryptocurrency with either fiat currency or other cryptos. Make sure to store your cryptocurrency in your wallet after purchase.

5. Start Trading: Once you’ve acquired your cryptocurrency, you can start trading by buying and selling different currencies on the exchange. Always do your research before trading to get an idea of the market and price trends.