How can I identify and remove programs that slow down my computer?

1. Check your hard drive space:

If you don’t have enough free space, this can slow down your computer. Consider removing any unnecessary files or programs.

2. Uninstall unused programs:
Go to the Control Panel and look at the list of programs installed on your computer. Uninstall any you no longer need by clicking the uninstall button.

3. Update your drivers and software:
Outdated drivers and software can lead to compatibility issues and can slow your computer down. Visit the manufacturer’s website for the latest updates.

4. Scan for malware and viruses:
Malware or viruses can also slow down your computer. Install an anti-virus program and run a scan.

5. Check startup programs:
Certain programs are set to automatically start when you turn on your computer. Check the list of startup items and disable any that you don’t need to start automatically.

6. Disable visual effects:
Visual effects use system resources and can slow down your computer. Go to the System Properties window and choose the ‘Adjust for best performance’ radio button.