How can I improve my computer’s battery life?

1. Keep Battery Saver On :

Keeping your device’s Battery Saver mode on can contribute to saving your laptop’s battery life significantly. It does so by restricting background app activities and reducing the screen brightness which helps in conserving battery. This can be done quickly by heading to the “Settings” menu, selecting “System” and then selecting “Battery Saver” and turning it on.

2. Adjust Your Screen Brightness :
One of the quickest ways to save your notebook’s battery is to adjust your screen brightness to a lower setting. By doing this you can also save your eyes from unnecessary strain as well as conserve battery life. To do this, go to the “Settings” menu, select “Display” and adjust the brightness to a lower setting according to the ambient lighting present.

3. Put Laptop to Sleep or Hibernate :
When not in use, shut the lid or press the power button to instantly put your laptop into sleep or hibernate mode. This will not just help in saving battery, but it also prevents anyone else from accessing your laptop without your permission. To do this, you can head to the “Settings” menu, locate the “Power & Sleep” option and select the time that you want your laptop to go into sleep or hibernate mode after it is inactive.

4. Shut Down Unused Applications :
If you are not using any applications, make sure to shut them down. This does not only help in increasing your laptop’s battery life but also optimizes its overall performance. This can be done by simply pressing the “Alt” + “F4” keys simultaneously or going to the “Task Manager” and shutting down the unwanted applications manually.

5. Disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth When Not in Use :
When your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections are not in use, make sure to disable them. This helps in reducing the power consumed by them and thereby increases your laptop’s battery life. You can do this by going to the “Action Center” and clicking on the “Wi-Fi” or “Bluetooth” toggle button.

6. Close Battery-Draining Programs :
Make sure that you always close programs that consume excessive battery, like games, video editing software etc. This helps in preserving the battery life of your laptop and also keeps its performance optimal. To do this, open the “Task Manager” and choose the programs that you want to close from the list.

7. Reduce the Number of Background Apps :
Having too many apps running in the background consumes unnecessary battery. To stop these apps from consuming your laptop’s battery, open “Settings”, click on “Privacy” and then select “Background Apps”. From there you can choose which apps are allowed to run in the background.

8. Use Battery-Saving Technology :
Manufacturers like ASUS and Lenovo equip their laptops with their own battery-saving technology that helps in optimizing the battery life of your laptop. To use this technology, you can download the app or utility from the manufacturer’s website and install it.

9. Replace Your Battery If Necessary :
If you feel that your laptop’s battery has been drained out quickly after few years of usage, it is probably time to replace it. This helps in ensuring that you get the maximum out of your laptop’s battery life. To do this, you should contact the original manufacturer of your laptop and order the replacement battery from them.