How can I print a PowerPoint presentation in Windows?

Printing a PowerPoint presentation document in Windows can be done in three steps.

Step 1: Open the PowerPoint presentation you wish to print and click “File” and then “Print”. On the left-hand side of the window, you will see a drop down menu with several printing options.

Step 2: Select the specific page range you wish to print by selecting “Current Slide” or “Selection.” You can also choose to print all of the slides from the “All” option which is located at the bottom of the menu. If your presentation contains a large number of slides, you can also choose to print out every other slide or multiple slides on a single page.

Step 3: Click “Print” at the bottom right of the window to send your document to the printer. Depending on your printer, you may have further printing choices that are available to you such as paper size and orientation. These setting can be changed in the “Page Setup” menu. Once you have made all of your selections, click “Print” again to start the printing process.

Once the printing process has completed, your PowerPoint presentation should be printed and ready to use!