How can I recover deleted data from Windows PC?

Recovering deleted data from a Windows PC can be a very challenging process, depending on the amount of data that has been lost. In this article, we will outline the steps and available options for recovering data from a Windows PC. It is important to note that the success rate of recovering data is determined by the amount of time passed since the data was deleted and the health of the drive from which the data was lost.

Before beginning any data recovery process, it is important to assess the situation and take steps to minimize further data loss or damage. If the data was lost due to an issue with the computer, such as malware, blue screen of death, etc., it is important to fix the issue before attempting to recover the data. It is also important to not save new information to the drive the data was lost from, as this can overwrite the deleted files, making them impossible to recover.

When attempting to recover deleted data from a Windows PC, there are several methods to try. The first method is checking the Recycle Bin. Files and folders that are deleted are usually placed in the Recycle Bin, and can be easily recovered. If the data was not placed in the Recycle Bin, the next step is to look for backed up versions of the files. Check external hard drives and cloud services, such as Dropbox and Google Drive, to see if a backup of the files can be located.

If the data is not located in the Recycle Bin or from a backup, there are several file recovery software options that can be used. These programs allow users to scan the computer for deleted files, and then attempt to recover them. Data recovery software often scans the hard drive for any remaining traces of data, and is most successful if used shortly after the data was deleted.

Finally, if the data is still not found or the file recovery software fails, it may be necessary to use a professional data recovery service. These services specialize in recovering data from various media, and often require the drive to be sent in for evaluation, then proceed to attempt to recover the data using advanced techniques.

In summary, recovering deleted data from a Windows PC can be challenging, and the success rate depends on the amount of time passed since the data was lost and the health of the drive. Generally, it is best to start by checking the Recycle Bin, then searching for backups, followed by file recovery software, and, as a last resort, a professional data recovery service.