How can I reduce the amount of resources consumed by running programs?

1. Reduce the number of programs running simultaneously: Close any running programs that you are not currently using.

2. Choose efficient software: Select applications that are optimized to use fewer system resources.
3. Manage startup programs: Limit the number of programs that automatically run when your computer boots up.
4. Keep your system up-to-date: Install the latest software patches and updates for better performance.
5. Optimize memory: Increase your RAM and virtual memory settings in order to reduce strain on the system when multitasking.
6. Uninstall unused applications: Remove any software that is no longer required or used to free up additional resources.
7. Disable unnecessary services: Use the Task Manager to disable any unnecessary background services consuming resources.
8. Limit real-time protection: Modify the settings of your anti-virus and security programs so that they don’t scan files constantly.
9. Adjust power settings: Switch to a more energy-efficient power plan such as ‘Balanced’ or ‘Power Saver’.