How can I troubleshoot slow performance issues on my PC?

1. Check your hard drive for errors. You can check the hard drive for errors using the built-in tool in Windows 10 (called chkdsk).

2. Update your drivers and make sure they are compatible with your hardware. Outdated drivers can cause slow performance issues.

3. Check for any viruses or malware. Malware can dramatically slow down your PC.

4. Remove unnecessary programs and applications from your PC that you do not use or do not need.

5. Clear out your browser history, cookies, temporary files, and other junk that might be slowing down your computer.

6. Increase your RAM if possible. Additional RAM can often provide a boost in performance.

7. Check your power settings. Make sure you are using the recommended settings for power and performance.

8. Make sure your PC is well ventilated. Heat can cause your PC to slow down as it becomes overwhelmed with trying to cool itself down.