How can I view the available hardware devices and the drivers installed in the Windows Control Panel?

To view the available hardware devices and the drivers installed, you can access the Control Panel from the Start menu in Windows.

1. Click on Start and then choose Control Panel.

2. The Control Panel window will appear. In the top right of the window, there is a drop-down menu that says “View by”. Choose “Category” from the drop-down menu.

3. Once you’ve chosen “Category”, the Control Panel window will show different categories at the top. Click on the icon labeled “Hardware and Sound”.

4. The Hardware and Sound window will open with two sections: Devices and Printers and Device Manager. To view devices and printers connected to your system, click on the “Devices and Printers” link.

5. Here you will be able to see all of the external devices or printers that are connected to your system. You can also find information about the connected devices, such as the manufacturer and model number. If you want to view any installed drivers for the connected devices, double click on the device and then select the “Driver” tab.

6. To view the drivers installed on your system, click on the “Device Manager” link located next to the “Devices and Printers” link.

7. In the Device Manager window, there will be a list of different categories that are associated with hardware on your system. Expand the category you are interested in by clicking the plus sign next to it.

8. Now you can view the installed devices and their associated drivers. To find out more information about the device and driver, double click on it and select the “Driver” tab.

9. Here you will be able to view the version number and date of the driver installed. You can also choose to update the driver if needed.

10. Once you have finished viewing the installed hardware devices and drivers, you can close the Device Manager and Control Panel windows.