How do I add a new user account in the Windows Control Panel?

Adding a New User Account in the Windows Control Panel

1. Open the Windows Control Panel by clicking the Start button located at the bottom left part of your screen.

2. Click on the User Accounts and Family Safety option, which is the third option from the top. Depending on your current view settings, you may need to click the Classic View in order to access User Accounts.

3. When the User Accounts window opens, click on the Add or Remove user accounts link, which should be the first option on the left menu. If not, then look for it on the right menu.

4. You will now be presented with two options: 1) Create a new account or 2) Create a password for an existing account. Select the first option and click Next.

5. Now type in the username you wish to give for the new account, along with the password and confirmation password fields. Make sure to write them down somewhere before proceeding.

6. Once you have set the username, you can either select the Standard User account or the Administrator account type. If you select the latter, then you should be asked for the existing password for that computer. Enter the existing one and click Next.

7. The following screen will ask you to choose a picture for the user account. This step is optional, so you can leave this field blank and click Next.

8. Finally, review the details you have entered and click the Create Account button. The new account is now ready to use.

9. Click Finish to return to the main User Accounts page, where you can manage created accounts or create more user accounts.

10. Now that you have a new user account, you can change its settings or perform other tasks related to user account management in the same way you would do with any other user accounts.