How do I adjust the alarm settings on Windows Clock?

To adjust the alarm settings on Windows Clock, do the following:

1. Open the Clock application by searching for “Clock” in the Start Menu search bar or locating it in the list of apps in All Apps.

2. Click the “Alarms” tab at the top of the window.

3. Click the “+” symbol to create a new alarm or click the pencil icon to edit an existing one.

4. Enter the time you would like the alarm to sound. Make sure to click the AM/PM toggle switch in the top right-hand corner of the window.

5. Select the days you want the alarm to sound. You can choose from individual days or check the box at the bottom of the window to have the alarm sound every day.

6. Choose what type of sound you want to wake up to. You can either select from a list of sounds (some of which come preloaded) or upload your own music file.

7. Decide how often the alarm should repeat, if at all. You can choose to have it sound once or set the time interval to have it sound every few minutes or hours.

8. Type in the title you would like to appear when the alarm sound is triggered. This will help you to easily identify the alarm in case you ever forget what it is set up for.

9. You can also choose to have a notification appear as well. You can type in whatever message you would like to remind you of why the alarm has been set.

10. When you are done with all these settings, click Save and the alarm will be ready with the settings you have selected.

Once the alarm has been set up, you can test it by clicking the play button next to it. This will allow you to hear a preview of the sound you have chosen to wake up to.