How do I change my font size?

1. Using a Web Browser:

• On Windows and Mac, open your web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) and click on the icon that looks like a gear (usually found near the top-right corner of the browser window).

• This will open a window with several options. Click on “Settings”, then select “Appearance”.

• Now you should be able to adjust the font size. Depending on the browser, this may be labeled as “Font Size”, “Text Size”, or something similar.

• Drag the slider bar to the desired level, or use the up/down arrows.

• Once you’ve changed the font size, you can close the settings window. Your changes should now be reflected in all the text displayed within your browser.

2. Changing Font Size in Microsoft Word:

• Open Microsoft Word and create a new document.

• Go to the “Home” tab and select the “Font” menu. This will open a side panel with font size options.

• Hover over the “Font Size” option and drag the slider bar to the desired size.

• Alternatively, if you know the exact font size you want, type it into the box provided.

• Once you’ve adjusted the font size, all the text you type into the document will be displayed in that size.

3. Adjusting Font Size in Other Applications:

• The procedure for changing font size in other applications varies. However, most programs will have a toolbar, drop-down menu, or settings area with an option to adjust font size.

• For example, in Microsoft Excel, you can go to the “Home” tab, then select “Font” from the “Formatting” section.

• You can then drag the slider bar or type in the exact font size you want.

• In Adobe Reader, you can also find an option to change font size. Go to the “View” menu, click “Zoom”, then use the slider bar to adjust the font.

• Refer to the program’s user guide or help section for specific instructions on how to change font size.