How do I change the wallpaper on my Windows computer?

To change the wallpaper on your Windows computer, you will need to first open the “Settings” menu. You can access this by pressing the Windows button on your keyboard and type in “Settings.” This will bring up a menu where you can find the option to customize your PC.

Once you are in the Settings menu, click on the “Personalization” link. This will take you to the page where you can adjust the wallpaper for your desktop background. To begin, select the “Background” tab from the left side of the window.

In the right side of the window, you will be presented with the list of existing picture options on your computer. This list may include pictures that have been downloaded to your computer or built-in pictures that come with Windows. To select one of these images as your wallpaper, simply click on the image and then click “Choose Picture”.

If none of these images suit your preferences, you can also upload your own picture from your device. To do this, select “Browse” and locate the picture you want to use on your computer. Once you have found the image you want, click “Open” to set it as your wallpaper.

Your new wallpaper will now be visible on your desktop. If, at any time, you would like to change your desktop background again, you can follow the same steps as above.

Note: Depending on your version of Windows, you may have different menus available in the “Settings” window. If you cannot find the “Personalization” link, look for something similar, such as the “Themes” link. This should take you to the same page where you can select a new wallpaper.