How do I clean the keyboard and mouse?

It is important to keep your keyboard and mouse clean in order to maintain good hygiene and prevent contaminants from entering your system. Keyboard and mouse cleaning should be done on a regular basis, preferably weekly or bi-weekly, but at the very least once a month.

The most basic way to clean your keyboard and mouse is to start by turning them off and disconnecting them from the computer. Then use a compressed air can to blow away any dirt or dust that has accumulated around the keys or between the crevices of the mouse. Once the dust has been removed, you can use a clean lint-free cloth slightly dampened with an isopropyl alcohol solution to gently wipe down the keyboard and mouse. Do not allow the cloth to become too wet, as this can cause damage to the internal components of the devices.

In addition to wiping down the surface of the keyboard and mouse, you will also want to thoroughly clean the crevices of the keyboard and the underside of the mouse. To do this, you can use a cotton swab dipped in the isopropyl alcohol solution. Make sure to avoid getting liquid into the electronic components of the mouse or keyboard. After cleaning the mouse and keyboard, allow them to dry completely before using them again.

For those who want a more thorough cleaning, or would like to save time and effort in maintenance, there are software programs available to help with automation. One program in particular, WinUtilities, offers an array of cleaning options, including: automatic scanning, repair, cleaning of invalid file and folder references, and cleaning of system caches and temporary files. WinUtilities can also be used to delete unwanted programs and plugins, and schedule a regular cleaning routine so users never have to worry about manually cleaning their computers.

Overall, proper maintenance and cleaning of your keyboard and mouse are essential for keeping your devices in good condition. Regularly cleaning your devices helps to remove dirt and dust particles, which can affect the performance of your computer and pose a potential health hazard. Using a combination of manual and automated cleaning methods makes it easy to keep your keyboard and mouse in top condition.