How do I clean up my hard drive and free up space?

1. Delete Unneeded Files: Use the Windows Disk Cleanup tool to delete temporary files, system logs, and other unnecessary files that can take up hard drive space.

2. Uninstall Unused Programs: If there are programs installed on your computer that you don’t need or use, uninstall them to free up space.

3. Move Files to the Cloud or an External Drive: If you need to store files that don’t fit on your hard drive, consider moving them either to the cloud or to an external hard drive.

4. Delete Browser Cache Files: Deleting browser cache files can help free up some hard drive space.

5. Disable Hibernation and System Restore: Disabling hibernation and system restore can help free up more disk space.

6. Compress Large Files: Compressing large files can help reduce the total size of them and save hard drive space.