How do I clean up temporary files on my PC?

1. Delete temporary files with Disk Cleanup:

Open the Start menu, type in Disk Cleanup, and press Enter. Select the drive you want to clean up and click OK. Check the boxes next to “Temporary files” and any other categories you want to delete files from. Click OK, and then confirm you want to delete all of the selected files.

2. Delete temporary files with Windows settings:
Open the Start menu and type in Settings. Select System, then Storage. Under “Local Disk C:” select Temporary Files. Select the types of files you want to remove, and then select Remove files. Confirm that you want to delete the files.

3. Delete temporary files manually:
Open File Explorer, the Windows file browser. Navigate to the C:\ drive, select the Users folder, and then find the folder for your user account. Open the folder, and then open the AppData folder. Select Local and Temp, and then delete all of the files you want to discard.