How do I configure the regional settings in Windows?

1. Open the Control Panel by clicking on the Start Menu, then type “Control Panel” and click on the result.

2. Once the Control Panel window is open, select the “Region” option. You can also type “Regional” in the Control Panel search bar to quickly locate the Region settings.

3. The Region window will open. You can set your regional settings such as language, location, currency format, measurement system and more.

4. Select the tab labeled “Formats”. This tab contains several options that you can customize according to your preference.

5. Under the Formats tab, you can change the date, time and number formats. You can also select the default language for non-Unicode programs.

6. Under the Location tab, you can set the region which applies to all other settings.

7. Under the Keyboards and Languages tab, you can select the keyboard layout and input languages that you want to use.

8. Under the Administrative tab, you can select which currency format you want to use for all operations in Windows.

9. Click “OK” after making the changes you want. Any changes you have made will be applied to all the applications you use in Windows.

10. If you ever want to change any of these settings again, open the Control Panel, go to the Region section and modify them accordingly.