How do I configure the scanner settings?

1. Determine the type of scanning you need. There are several types of scans, including black & white, grayscale, color, and photo, each with its own settings.

2. Configure the resolution settings. This is the number of dots per inch (DPI) used in your scan. Higher resolutions provide better quality images at a larger file size.

3. Set the output format. Depending on the scanner model you have, you may be able to set the output format such as TIFF, JPEG, PDF, and others.

4. Adjust the brightness, contrast and gamma settings. These settings are used to adjust the image’s color balance to enhance the scan.

5. Set the paper size. Some scanners will automatically detect the paper size, but you may need to adjust the setting if your scanner isn’t compatible.

6. Choose a file name and save location. When you’ve configured the settings, select a file name and a save location for your scanned image.