How do I control user access to certain apps in Windows 10?

User access to certain apps in Windows 10 can be controlled with the help of either Group Policy or Microsoft Intune. Both of these tools allow an administrator to assign permissions and access rights to users, making it easy to regulate user access to apps on a Windows 10 device.

Group Policy is a feature of Windows that allows administrators to easily control the user settings and configurations of Windows devices, including user access to certain apps. With Group Policy, an administrator can limit user access to apps by creating a policy that applies to all the users in a particular group. For example, an administrator can create a policy limiting user access to a particular app. The policy would apply the restriction to all the users that are in the policy’s target group. Group Policy also gives administrators the ability to specify which users within the policy’s target group should have access to the app.

Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based mobile device management solution designed to help administrators manage mobile device access and usage. Intune allows administrators to control user access to apps on Windows 10 devices. With Intune, an administrator can set up App Protection Policies (APP) which can be used to restrict user access to certain apps. These policies can apply restrictions based on criteria such as device type, user name, type of user, and more. An administrator can also choose to block certain types of apps from being downloaded to Windows 10 devices. Intune also allows administrators to remotely deploy and remove apps from Windows 10 devices, giving them complete control over how Windows 10 devices are used.

Both Group Policy and Microsoft Intune allow administrators to control which apps users have access to on Windows 10 devices. These tools make it easy to restrict user access to certain apps while still giving the users the flexibility to use the devices in the way that best suits their needs. By using either of these tools, an organization can ensure that only users who need access to specific apps have that access, helping to protect sensitive information.