How do I create a ZIP archive in Windows?

The ZIP file format is widely used for archiving data, and Windows has been able to open and create ZIP archives since Windows XP. ZIP files are a convenient way of compressing and storing multiple files, as they can be easily shared and managed. In this article, we’ll explore how to create and manage ZIP archives on Windows.

Creating a Zip File in Windows

1. Select the Files to Add to the Zip Archive

To create a ZIP archive, first select the files you want to add to the archive. You can either select single files or a group of files, depending on your requirements.

2. Right-Click the Selected Files and Choose “Send to”

Next, right-click the selected files and choose “Send to” from the context menu.

3. Choose Compressed (zipped) Folder

In the “Send to” window, select “Compressed (zipped) folder” from the list. A new compressed folder is created with the same name as the original files, plus the .zip extension. All the original files are now contained in the ZIP archive.

Managing Zip Files in Windows

1. Open a Zip File

To open a ZIP file, double-click it. The files inside the archive will be displayed, and you can select individual files to open.

2. Extract Files From a Zip File

To extract files from a ZIP archive, select the files you want to extract and click “Extract” from the main toolbar. You can then select the destination folder for the extracted files.

3. Add Files to a Zip File

To add additional files to a ZIP archive, open the archive and select “Add files” from the main toolbar. Then, browse to the location of the additional files, select them, and click “Add” to add them to the ZIP archive.

4. Remove Files From a Zip File

To remove files from a ZIP archive, open the archive and select the files you want to remove. Then, click “Remove” from the main toolbar to delete the files from the ZIP file.


Creating and managing ZIP files in Windows is simple and straightforward. By following the steps outlined above, you can easily create ZIP archives, add and remove files from existing archives, and open and extract files from ZIP archives.