How do I customize the taskbar on Windows 10?

Customizing the taskbar on Windows 10 is an easy and intuitive process that can be done in a few simple steps.

First, you need to right-click on the taskbar. This will open a context menu containing several options. Click on “Taskbar Settings” from this menu. This will open up a new window containing several options for customizing the taskbar.

The first option is “Taskbar Location on Screen”. This allows you to choose the position of the taskbar on your screen. You can choose any of the four edges of the screen: top, bottom, left, or right. You can also choose whether to auto-hide the task bar or lock it so it remains visible all the time.

The second option is “Taskbar Appearance”. Here, you can change the color of the taskbar, as well as whether you want to show it with a transparent background or not. You can also choose to show labels next to icon in the taskbar, or hide them.

The third option is “Taskbar Thumbnails”. This allows you to decide how big the thumbnails should appear in the taskbar when you mouse over running apps. You can set them to small, medium, large, or even very large.

The fourth option is “Taskbar Icons”. This is where you can decide which icons appear in the taskbar. You can choose to show all the icons, or just some of them. You can also pin frequently used apps to the taskbar for quicker access.

The fifth option is “Notification Area”, which gives you control over what notifications appear in the notificaiton area of the taskbar. You can choose to show all the notifications, or hide some of them. You can also choose how long those notifications stay on the screen before disappearing.

Finally, the sixth option is “Select which icons appear on the taskbar”. Here, you can choose which apps appear in the taskbar. You can select the apps you want to appear and also change their order.

Once you have finished customizing the taskbar, click “Apply” to save your changes. Your taskbar should now be customized as you like. Enjoy!