How do I manage my Wi-Fi networks in Windows 10?

Managing Wi-Fi networks in Windows 10 is a relatively straightforward process. In this article, we will cover how to manage your Wi-Fi networks, such as connecting to, editing, or removing existing Wi-Fi networks and creating new ones.

To get started, open up the Windows Settings menu by pressing the Windows key + I. From there, click on the “Network & Internet” option.

From the “Network & Internet” menu, select “Wi-Fi” on the left-hand side. This will display all of the available Wi-Fi networks in your area. If you are connected to an existing network, it will be displayed at the top with a checkmark next to it.

If you would like to connect to one of these available Wi-Fi networks, simply select it and enter the password if it is password protected. Once the credentials have been entered, the connection should be successful and you can begin using the internet.

If you would like to edit an existing Wi-Fi network, such as changing its name or password, you can do so by clicking on the network and then selecting “Edit.” From there, you can change the name or password for the network. Make sure to hit “Save” once you have completed your changes.

If you would like to remove an existing Wi-Fi network from your device, you can do so by selecting the network and then clicking “Remove.” This will disconnect you from the network as well as delete it from your list of available networks.

Creating a new Wi-Fi network can also be done from the “Wi-Fi” menu. To do this, click “Create a new network” at the bottom of the page. Here, you will be prompted to enter a name and password for the network. After entering the necessary information, click “Create” to create the network.

As you can see, managing Wi-Fi networks in Windows 10 is a simple process. With just a few clicks, you can connect to, edit, or remove existing networks, or even create new ones. So, if you ever need to manage your Wi-Fi networks in Windows 10, you now know how to do it.