How do I open a .zip archive file in Windows?

A ZIP file is a compressed version of an original file, allowing it to be much smaller and easier to transfer over the internet or store on your computer. It is a common file format used to compress and package several files together in one archive. Windows has native support for ZIP files, meaning that you can access the contents of a ZIP file using the File Explorer without having to install any extra software.

1. Locate the ZIP file you want to open.

2. Double-click the ZIP file to open it.

3. The ZIP file’s contents will appear in the same window.

4. To extract the contents of the ZIP file, select the items you want to extract by holding down the ‘Ctrl’ key and clicking each item.

5. Right-click one of the selected items and choose “Extract All…” from the pop-up menu.

6. A dialog box will appear prompting you to choose where you would like the files to be extracted. Choose a location for the extracted files and click “Extract.”

7.You’ll then be presented with a progress window showing you how quickly the extraction process is going.

8. When it’s finished, your files will be extracted to the folder you chose.

9. If you want to add files to the ZIP file, right-click in the folder and select “Send to → Compressed (zipped) Folder”.

10. This will create a ZIP file with the same name as the folder in the same location. You can then drag and drop files into the folder to add them to the ZIP file.

11. To delete a file from a ZIP file, open the ZIP file and select the file(s) you want to delete. Right-click the file and select “Delete”. Click “Yes” when prompted to confirm the deletion.