How do I print a .csv file?

Printing a CSV file is a relatively straightforward process depending on the computer or device that you’re using. The exact steps may vary slightly, but the following provides a basic outline of the process:

1. Open the CSV file in an application such as Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Apple Numbers, or similar. Applications like Open Office and Libre Office also support opening and editing CSV files.

2. Once the file has opened, check that the data is displayed correctly. If some cells appear to be misaligned, you may need to adjust the cell widths manually.

3. If you need to edit the data, you can do so in the application. When you have finished any edits, save the file.

4. Open the application’s print settings by selecting File > Print, or by pressing the Print command shortcut (typically Ctrl + P).

5. From here, adjust any relevant settings such as paper size and orientation, number of copies, and so on.

6. Click the Print button to send the file to the printer. You will typically be given the option to preview the printout first, to ensure it looks correct.

7. Check that the printed copy appears as expected.

If you want to print multiple CSV files, repeat steps 1-7 for each individual file. Alternatively, you can open multiple CSV files at once in a single window, and then print them in one go.