How do I print a text file?

Printing a text file up to 2000 words is a simple process.

1. Open the text file you want to print using a text editor or word processor.

2. Check your document for any formatting changes you may need to make, such as adding or changing fonts and font sizes.

3. Place your cursor at the beginning of the document. Hold down the ‘Ctrl’ key and press the ‘A’ key to select all of the text in the document.

4. Double check your printer’s settings to make sure that it is ready to print.

5. Click on the ‘Print’ button in the top right corner of your text editor window. This will open a new window, allowing you to choose your printer, paper size, number of copies and other options before finally printing.

6. Select the ‘Print’ button at the bottom of the page to print your text file.