How do I speed up my computer?

1. Close unused programs and apps: Unused programs and apps can slow down your computer over time, so close any you aren’t currently using.

2. Update software: Keeping your software up to date can ensure improved performance.

3. Clean up your hard drive: Free up disk space by deleting unneeded files from your system.

4. Disable startup programs: Certain programs can run in the background every time you start your computer, slowing it down. Disable these unnecessary programs.

5. Run disk cleanup: Disk Cleanup is a built-in utility that deletes temporary files and other unneeded data.

6. Add more RAM: Adding additional RAM can help improve speeds and prevent your computer from freezing.

7. Fix registry errors: Scanning and fixing registry errors can also help to improve your computer’s speed.

8. Check for viruses and malware: Malware and viruses can severely slow down your computer, so make sure your computer is free of any malicious software.

9. Defragment your hard drive: Running a disk defragmenter can help reorganize files on your hard drive, making them more quickly accessible.