How do you connect to a wireless network using Windows Control Panel?

1. Open the Windows Control Panel:

The Windows Control Panel can be opened in several different ways. The most common way to open the Windows Control Panel is to press the ‘Windows Key’ + ‘R’. This will bring up the ‘Run’ window. In the ‘Open’ field type “control” and then click OK.

2. Select ‘Network and Internet’:

Once the Control Panel window is open you will see a list of different categories. Navigate to the ‘Network and Internet’ category and click it to select it.

3. Select ‘Network and Sharing Center’:

In the network and internet section of the Control Panel you will find a link to the Network and Sharing Center. Once you select this link, a new window will open up.

4. Select ‘Set Up a Connection or Network’:

In the Network and Sharing Center window you will see several options available. Select the ‘Set Up a Connection or Network’ option.

5. Select ‘Connect to a Wireless Network’:

A new window will open prompting you to select the type of connection you want to set up. Select the ‘Connect to a Wireless Network’ option from the list.

6. Select Your Network from the List:

A list of available wireless networks will appear. Select your network from the list. If the network is secure, you may need to enter a password. Enter the password when prompted and select ‘Connect’.

7. Verify Connection:

Once the connection has been established, the ‘Status’ field should show ‘Connected’. To verify that you are connected to your network, try opening a web page or checking your email. If it works, you are successfully connected!