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How to assign a hotkey to insert date and time in any applications?


Does anyone know how can i assign a hotkey to insert date and time in a notepad. Basically in any txt editor, i have been trying but i find it difficult to assign

Assign a hotkey to insert date and time

With Perfect Hotkey, You can insert the current date or time in a customizable format to any applications with just one mouse click. Here are the steps:

  1. Run and install Perfect Hotkey
  2. Predefine your message

    For example: We create a new message item named Current Date, and enter the predefined message like above. You can use the following macros in message:
    {year} – current year
    {month} – current month
    {day} – current date
    {hour} – current hour
    {minute} – current minute
    {second} – current second
  3. Assign a hotkey for canned messages (The default hotkey is CTRL+WIN+A)
  4. Done & Now you can insert date and time in any applications with the hotkey

> Download Perfect Hotkey

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