How to customize the Firefox toolbar?

Customizing the Firefox toolbar offers web users the ability to customize their browser experience in a personal and unique way. This guide will cover how to customize your Firefox toolbar, from adding, removing, organizing, and rearranging icons to personalizing the look of the toolbar using themes and user styles.

Adding Items to the Toolbar

You can add items to the Firefox toolbar such as bookmarks, history, downloads, and more. To add an item to the toolbar, click the “Customize” button located in the upper-right corner of the toolbar. This will open the Customize window which shows all of the available items for adding to the Firefox toolbar.

To add an item, simply drag it onto the toolbar and drop it where you want it to appear. You can also right-click the item and select “Add to Toolbar.” If you want to add something that isn’t listed in the Customize window, you can select “More Items…” to be taken to the Add-ons menu where you can find additional items to add.

Removing Items from the Toolbar

If you no longer need an item in the toolbar, you can easily remove it. To remove an item, first open the Customize window as described above. Then, right-click on the item you want to remove and select “Remove from Toolbar.” You can also drag the item away from the toolbar to remove it.

Organizing and Rearranging Toolbar Items

Once you’ve added items to the toolbar, you may wish to organize them into different groups. To do this, open the Customize window and drag items into different parts of the toolbar where you want them to appear. You can also drag items around within a group to rearrange them as desired.

Using Themes to Personalize the Toolbar

Themes are a great way to quickly personalize the look of your Firefox toolbar. To apply a theme, go to the Themes section of the Add-ons menu and choose a theme you like. Once you’ve selected a theme, it will be applied to the toolbar immediately.

Using User Styles to Customize the Toolbar

User styles are like themes but they allow you to get a bit more creative with your customization. With user styles, you can change the background color, font size, and other styling options. To use a user style, go to the User Styles section of the Add-ons menu and select a style you like. Once you’ve selected a user style, it will be applied to the toolbar immediately.


Customizing the Firefox toolbar can help make your browsing experience more personalized and enjoyable. By adding, removing, organizing, and rearranging items in the toolbar and using themes and user styles to change its look, you can create a fully customized browser that is tailored to your own specific needs and preferences.