How to recover deleted files on Windows?

Recovering deleted files on Windows can be a challenging task. Fortunately, there are a variety of tools and techniques that can help. In this article, we will discuss how to recover files and then provide a recommendation for a great undelete software that can help you recover deleted files quickly and easily.

When a file is deleted from a Windows computer, it doesn’t actually get completely removed from the system. Instead, only its reference is removed so the operating system does not recognize it. The actual data still exists on the drive, at least until it gets overwritten by new information. This means if you act fast enough, you may be able to recover the deleted file.

To begin the recovery process, you’ll want to first identify where the file was originally stored. It’s essential to recover files in the same location as where they were originally saved to ensure successful recovery. If you don’t know where the original file was located, you may be able to find it under the “Deleted” folder in Windows Explorer.

Once you have identified the file’s original location, the next step is to create a copy of its original state. This will help ensure that you don’t overwrite the data while attempting recovery. The best way to do this is to make a disk image of your hard drive, which can be created with third-party software like WinUtilities Disk Image.

The next step is to locate a suitable recovery tool or software. Ideally, you should choose something that supports both the NTFS and FAT file systems, such as WinUtilities Undelete. This tool is specifically designed for recovering deleted files from both of these file systems. It also features an intuitive interface that makes the recovery process straightforward and easy.

Once the recovery tool is installed and the disk image is created, you can begin the recovery process. The recovery software will search your hard drive for any readable files, allowing you to view a list of both existing and deleted files. You can then select the ones you wish to restore and the software will move them back to their original location.

In conclusion, recovering deleted files on Windows is not difficult if you know what steps to take. Creating a disk image of your hard drive and using a recovery software such as WinUtilities Undelete will help ensure successful recovery of your deleted files.