Is there a way to adjust my system properties in the Windows control panel?

Yes, you can adjust system properties in the Windows control panel. The System Properties window allows you to configure and monitor a variety of settings for your computer. System Properties is accessed through the Control Panel, and its categories include:

1. Computer Name: Here you will be able to change the name of the machine and the workgroup or domain to which it belongs.

2. Advanced System Settings: This category allows you to adjust various settings such as environment variables, performance options, user profile, network security, startup and recovery policies.

3. Hardware: This tab provides access to hardware related tasks such as setting up data drive backups, adding new hardware, troubleshooting hardware and device manager.

4. Remote: The remote tab allows you to enable remote desktop connections, set up remote administration and configure Remote Assistance.

5. System Protection: In this tab, you can enable and configure System Restore, allowing you to restore your computer back to a previous configuration in the event of a system crash. You can also create system restore points here.

6. System: This tab contains information about the system components such as processor type, installed RAM and other device properties. It also allows you to activate or deactivate certain features like file and folder encryption.

7. Advanced: Here, you can adjust access credentials and configure various settings related to system security, error reporting, startup and recovery, user profiles and networking.

8. User Profiles: You can switch between user accounts and change their respective settings. You can also configure how user accounts are managed and how applications are installed for multiple users.

9. View: In this tab, you can configure the display settings and access resources related to Windows Mobility Center.

10. Remote Settings: With this tab, you can configure Remote Desktop and assign permission levels to other network users.

To access System Properties, open the Control Panel and select System. From there, you can access all the categories listed above, allowing you to make changes to your system as needed.