What are some of the most common causes of slow computer performance?

1. Insufficient RAM (Random Access Memory): RAM is the temporary memory space on your computer used to run programs and applications. If you don’t have enough RAM, your computer will be unable to keep up with demand and performance can suffer.

2. Too many applications running at once: Multiple programs running simultaneously can require a lot of processing power and memory. As a result, other programs may slow down as a result.

3. Overloaded hard drive: When your hard drive is full or nearly full, this can cause system slowdown. A cluttered hard drive may cause fragmented files and make it difficult for your computer to access files quickly.

4. Unnecessary programs: Installing too many unnecessary programs can slow down your computer.

5. Too many browser extensions or add-ons: These can take up memory and processing power, causing your computer to slow down.

6. Malware and viruses: Computer viruses and malware can cause your computer to slow down by taking up system resources and damaging important files.