What are the main causes of slower PC performance?

1. Overheating: As computers age, the hardware components can become clogged with dust, which restricts airflow and prevents the hardware components from cooling down. This can lead to overheating, which reduces the performance of the PC.

2. Low storage: The amount of data that can be stored on a computer’s hard drive is finite. As more data is stored on the drive, the slower it can become in accessing information.

3. Outdated software/drivers: As new versions of software and drivers come out, existing versions become outdated and can become incompatible with newer operating systems, leading to performance issues.

4. Low RAM: Random Access Memory (RAM) helps your computer run faster and smoother by allowing the user to open multiple programs or applications at once. If there is not enough RAM, the computer may struggle to keep up with the user’s needs.

5. Too many programs running in the background: Having too many programs running in the background can consume system resources, leading to slower performance. This can be resolved by closing unnecessary programs.