What can I do to prevent my PC from slowing down?

1. Run routine maintenance tasks: Use the built-in utilities on your PC to help prevent your computer from slowing down. Regularly run disk defragmenter, disk cleanup and virus scans.

2. Limit start-up processes: Cutting down on the number of unnecessary start-up processes can improve your PC’s speed. Access the Task Manager and disable any programs that don’t need to be running at start-up.

3. Uninstall unused programs: Uninstalling programs that are no longer used can free up space and make your computer run faster.

4. Increase RAM: Adding more random access memory (RAM) to your computer is the easiest, most affordable way to increase its performance. Check your PC’s technical specifications to determine how much RAM your PC can handle.

5. Clean up your hard drive: Delete files and folders you no longer need and empty your recycle bin regularly.

6. Update your Operating System: Make sure you’re using the latest updates for your Windows or macOS operating system.

7. Keep your drivers up to date: Make sure you have the latest device drivers installed. You can check the manufacturer’s website for up-to-date drivers.

8. Disable visual effects: You can turn off visual effects like animations and shadows to help speed up your computer.

9. Adjust your power settings: Rather than keeping your computer always running at full power, adjust your settings to conserve energy.

10. Get an SSD: Solid state drives are much faster than traditional hard drives, so upgrading can greatly improve your PC’s speed.