What components of the PC should I upgrade to improve performance?

1. Upgrade the RAM: Adding more RAM can create a noticeable performance improvement, especially if you’re running programs that require a lot of memory.

2. Upgrade the CPU: A more powerful CPU can allow your PC to process data faster and more efficiently, resulting in increased performance.

3. Upgrade the Graphics Card: If you’re a serious gamer or use any sort of graphics-intensive program, investing in a more powerful graphics card is an excellent way to improve performance.

4. Upgrade the Storage: Upgrading your storage drive to a solid-state drive (SSD) can provide you with faster boot times and quicker access to large files.

5. Upgrade the Power Supply: If your PC is not equipped with enough power to handle the components you’ve installed, you may run into performance issues. Investing in a higher-powered power supply can make sure your PC is getting enough power to run at its best.