What components should I upgrade in order to improve my computer’s speed?

1. Upgrade the processor: The processor is the brain of the machine and can greatly improve its speed if it is upgraded.

2. Replace/Upgrade the RAM: Random Access Memory (RAM) helps the processor operate more efficiently, by allowing it to store data locally. Having more RAM will enable the processor to work faster.

3. Upgrade the Graphics Card: If you are looking for improved graphics performance, you should consider upgrading your graphics card.

4. Install a Solid State Drive (SSD): Installing an SSD will drastically speed up the boot time, loading times, and overall system performance.

5. Reinstall the Operating System: Reinstalling the operating system can help speed up the machine by eliminating any stale files or fragmented data.

6. Increase the Cooling System: Heat is the enemy of a computer’s performance. Adding additional cooling components (such as extra fans) can help keep the machine running at optimal levels.