What is the best computer to buy?

The best computer to buy depends on your needs and budget. For most people, the best computer should provide a balance of performance, features, reliability and affordability.

For those who need to stay connected and accomplish the basics, a laptop is the right choice. There are many models available offering a wide range of features, designs, and prices. You can find a reliable laptop for as little as $200. Basic models come with entry level specs such as an Intel Atom or Celeron processor, 4GB RAM, and 128GB of storage. They are great for everyday tasks such as web browsing and office applications.

If you need a computer for more intensive tasks, such as photo and video editing, gaming, or 3D modelling, then a desktop may be the better option. They tend to have more powerful components than laptops, such as the latest Intel Core processors, a larger selection of discreet graphics cards and ample storage space. You can usually find a decent desktop PC for around $500.

For light gaming and content creation, you might want to consider a mid-range PC build. This price tier mainly offers modestly-priced yet capable components, such as the mid-range Ryzen 5 2400G processors, 8GB RAM, and a GTX 1650 graphics card. A good mid-range PC build can cost anywhere between $700-$1000.

For those who need the absolute best performance, custom-built PCs are the way to go. With custom builds, you get to choose only the best parts that fit within your budget. A high-end PC build can easily cost well above $1000, but it will offer lightning-fast performance and top-notch reliability.

At the end of the day, the best computer to buy depends largely on your needs and budget. If you’re on a tight budget and only need to use the computer for basic tasks, then a budget laptop should suffice. For those who need to do more intensive tasks, such as gaming or content creation, a mid-range or high-end PC build is the way to go.