What programs can I uninstall to free up disk space and memory?

1. Pre-installed bloatware: Many computers come with pre-installed programs, also known as bloatware, that you often don’t need or want. You can easily identify these programs and safely uninstall them to free up disk space and memory.

2. Unused applications: It’s easy to accumulate a lot of software applications over time, and if you don’t use them regularly, it’s best to uninstall them. Uninstalling unused applications will free up disk space, as well as reduce the amount of background processes running on your computer.

3. Temporary files: Temporary files are created and stored on your hard drive as a result of browsing the web and running certain programs. As their name suggests, these files are temporary and usually don’t serve any purpose after they’ve been created. You can delete these files to free up disk space and memory.

4. Unnecessary services: The more active services you have running on your system, the more resources it consumes. Therefore, you should go through your list of services and disable any unnecessary ones that aren’t actively used.

5. Malware and viruses: Malware and viruses can significantly slow down your system and consume valuable disk space and memory. Regularly scan your system for malware and viruses, and if any are found, use an antivirus program to remove them.