What settings can I adjust to optimize my computer’s performance?

1. Adjust your power settings: You can adjust the Power Plan settings in Windows to optimize performance.

2. Ensure your computer has enough memory: You can upgrade or add more RAM to increase system performance.
3. Uninstall programs you don’t need: Removing unnecessary programs will free up disk space and improve system performance.
4. Close unused programs: Make sure you close any programs that you are not currently using to reduce RAM usage.
5. Defragment your hard drive: This will help reduce disk fragmentation, which can slow down your system.
6. Check your hard drive health: Run a disk health check to ensure there are no bad sectors on the drive.
7. Update your drivers: Make sure you have the latest drivers installed to improve the performance of your hardware.
8. Disable background applications: Go through your list of startup programs and disable any that are not necessary.
9. Disable visual effects: Turning off visual effects and animations can improve the performance of your system.
10. Check for malware: Run a full scan with an anti-malware program to ensure your system is not infected with any malicious software.